The library may be licenced at two tiers. They are designed to help you smoothly migrate from a legacy (i.e. human written) codebase.

A free trial is available on request. To set up a demo, write to us at demo[at]

Web Client

Access to a hosted development environment is provided. It allows you to:

  1. Learn the theory and practice of using the SimianQuant library
  2. Test and refine your knowledge by running code snippets
  3. Generate code that you can integrate into your production environment.

This Virtual Walkthrough of the environment gives an overview of the functionality available and how it may be used to augment/supplement the standard quantitative development workflow. However, access to a runtime instance of the library is not provided. This constrains the utility in two ways:

  1. The structure of the problem needs to be known ahead of time, and mass customization using runtime information is not possible
  2. If the expression is over a non-primitive type (e.g. Dual Numbers), an open source implementation of the type is used in the generated code. These are usually significantly slower than the corresponding SimianQuant implementations.

Library Integration

Access to a runtime instance of the library is provided. You can use this to implement an open set of problems using the full power of the library.