Bringing Back Moore's Law

Why work with us

If you work at any startup (SimianQuant included), you will earn less money, work longer hours and generally have a poorer quality of life than you would if you worked at a mainstream company. However, if you work at a mainstream company, you will be given problems that are calibrated to your level. We have neither the resources nor the desire to hire people appropriate to each level of the problems that we are attempting to solve. Therefore, you will be operating way beyond your level, and have disproportionately high opportunities for growth.

SimianQuant is the answer to what comes after programming languages. We are redefining the future of computational, and by extension, applied mathematics. Be a part of the team that is defining the paradigm for the next fifty years.

What we are looking for

Technology is an abstract topic that cannot be removed from a large number of physical factors, like industry and infrastructure, or social factors like mentality, or administrative factors like organisation and distribution. An isolated view on technology, which is independent of the current state of industry makes no sense.

Our technological achievements are and will be built upon a huge infrastructure of industry, access to talent and data, measurement, research, partnerships, codified experience and digital distribution. We are looking for people who can fluidly transition between the different roles that being a technologist entails.

As a startup, we are not only looking for skills that you have, but skills that you can acquire, broadly along the lines of:

  • Industry Expert, where you will engage with our partners to understand where and how our solutions can be applied to their problems
  • Engineering, where you will work on the technological backbone (including the library) that supports our solutions


There are two criteria that we expect all applicants to fulfill:

  1. Hobbies outside of work or technology, ideally something that involves other people
  2. Experience with some form of programming, ideally functional, over the past two years. It could be a hobby or a side project.

Send an email with your CV and a cover letter to recruitment[at], or apply in the sidebar and we will get in touch with you.

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